friendship will always remain...

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Part 1 and Part 2

Aku mmg suka with this type of stories...not too heavy and not too light..

Citer nih pasal 4 friends with different background, interests and character yet they are the bestest friend of all..

Carmen - i look her as the big sister in this group..slalu taking care of each other sbb she only live with her mother...the only child in the family
Tibby - ala2 gothic style..slalu fikir yg she wont success in her love life...and always la sarcasticnya
Bridget - the prettiest in the group..kalau tgk fizikal, cam lemah lembut soccer player!!! mother passed away so she live with the father...pun always think her dad did not love her
Lena - the greek in the group..polite, tak banyak cakap...aku suka dia...:)

somehow, when i watched this movie it reminds me of my friends...we have such a different friendship yet we remain close as ever..

me, aleysha, hanitah, elina, farah, manda, hazirah, yap....we started becoming really close since 1996 (when we were in form 4)..we come from different background yet we have something in common...

we dont keep in touch as some friends should be but we know deep down we always think of each other..

and guys..i seldom say this words to you but i love you guys very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bertunang jugak akhirnya...

alhamdulillah...relation between me and him go to the next level on 16th november 2008 haritu...berkat doa family members, eventho byk sgt dugaan, aku ngan b dah jadi tunang.
on that day itself, everything went well, cuma he's entourage je lambat sikit...takdela lambat sangat..:) tp penatla kene keep track dah sampai mana..

his hantaran consists of tepak sireh, cincin, album with half of duit hantaran, kek and baju nikah while my hantaran consists of sirih junjung, baju nikah, potpourri, buah (sponsor by mak ngah) kuih bakar, kek gula hangus (sponsor by nenek sarah), kek made by king's confectionaries and secret recipe cake (sponsor by kak long abg helmy)..

combination hantaran lelaki n pompuan...

lunch menu plak, semuanya lauk stail melaka...asam pedas ikan putih masin (beli kat sabah), lauk lemak kuning berempah ayam/burung puyuh, sayur campur kobis + carrot, ikan tenggiri masak kicap and acar ikan puyu....alhamdulillah, semua licin and semua yg dtg ada la merasa berkatnya...

my make up was done by suzi while photographer dia plak...faris...very the puas hati with both of them...thx elina, sbb introduce me to them and came on that day.. :)