updated persediaan perkahwinan

happy new year!!!! since yg baca pun b sorang je...happy new year b..hehehehe

alhamdulillah, persediaan for 31st may dah ada nampakla "bergeraknya"....but there's sooooo much more thing to do!!!! patutla youngsters nowadays mmg suka pakai wedding planner..u just instruct and they'll do all the work for u..nantila, tunggu zaman my junior kenela jugak pakai wedding planner..

btw, listed are things yg telah settled and half way settled..
1. pakej photography and videography - iszu pictures - settle
2. doorgift - B&B - settle
3. bunga telur/bunga pahar - B&B - settle
4. hantaran - half settle...
5. katering - khatijah catering - settle

yg tak settle lagik is pakej for pelamin, baju sanding and makeup .

i have two choice either rins suzana (mcm cantik je design dia) or butik azue tp dedua pun belum visit....have to go there latest by next week...takut baju dah habis ditempah...

wanted to take pictures...tp knowing my broadband tu pergerakannya ada la macam wonderpet yg turtle tu, kene tunggu dulu....